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Flat Fee Realty, llc. has responded to the ever increasing demand from the public for more flexibility and savings from real estate service providers. More and more sellers want to participate in the sale of their home, while others just want the same services at a more reasonable fee. We accommodate both of these needs by offering sellers service options, instead of the one size fits all bundle of services solution. We allow you to pick and choose the services you want and need. With us, you keep a far greater portion of your homes equity. Our listing programs include:

#1  -  Flat Fee Listing

Also known as Basic Listing Service, this program has a number of features that allow sellers to save money when selling their home. Traditional Real Estate Companies charge up to 7% commission to list a property. A sale price of $200,000 would cost you $14,000 in commission at closing. The commission is then divided, Half paid to the Listing Broker and Half paid to Buyers Broker. We minimize the listing side of the commission by charging a low Flat Fee to list your home.

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As part of our Basic Listing Service, we can meet you in person to finalize the selling strategy, and set up signs, lock boxes and take pictures once you have decided to utilize our service. We handleall the incoming phone calls, field and negotiate offers for you - all you'll do is make sure the property is ready to show and be available when offers received.

Additional Services can be added as needed. It also enables sellers to keep the majority of the commissions normally paid and is becoming very common.

#2  -  Fee-For-Service program

This program allows clients the flexibility to choose and only pay reasonably for a Licensed Agents time and effort. Clients hire us by the hour or by the job to assist them with issues on things like staging, fix-up advice, completion of transactional forms, review of settlement statements, disclosures, marketing materials, open houses, support services and Real Estate trends. Cost vary based on task at hand.  (See Additional Services) This program is especially helpful to Banks, Attorneys, Real Estate Investors or budget conscious clients who may only need minimal assistance.

#3  -  Straight Commission Listing

Not interested in our Flat Fee program?  We can also provide traditional full-service representation. This program is the same service every other brokerage offers. We charge a percentage of the sales price and receive payment at closing. Half of what we charge is paid to the Buyers Broker. The amount we charge for this service is based on the price of the property, its marketability and the marketing requirements of the seller. Contact Us  to Discuss your needs.